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Should I Replace The Engine In My 1986 Olds Cutlass?

Reader Question HI,

I had some work done to my engine recently. I had some gaskets replaced. Not the head gaskets though. About a week or so later, I noticed my engine leaking more. My mechanic told me it was probably old oil burning of the engine.

Since then the engine leak has gotten worse and now I am noticing white smoke coming from the exhaust. I have to put about 3 quarts of oil a day into the car and it still runs rough.

There is a leak at the bottom of the engine that my mechanic says it would be cheaper to just replace the engine rather than have the work done on the old engine. What should I do?



Hey there “C”

I would first have a cooling system pressure test done on this engine to rule out the possibility of a blown head gasket or some other internal coolant leak. White smoke out the exhaust is usually due to coolant entering the engine combustion chamber area, where it is not suppose to be.

This is a pretty old vehicle…if you are really using 3 quarts of oil a day….and or have a head gasket leak; I would HIGHLY consider getting another car. I personally would not spend any money on this old of a vehicle. This month the engine is bad, next month the transmission month after that the fuel pump etc. etc. etc.

Maybe you can find a 2007 Kia Rio for sale? Kio Rio Review these are great cars, and they are super cheap to buy and to own, and since it is new you don’t have to worry about repairs for a few years to come.

Don’t worry about not having credit, or bad credit…Kia seems to be pretty generous on their loan qualifications. I would definitely take a look at this car. A new engine will cost you at least $1500, which would be one heck of a down payment on a Rio.


Austin Davis

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