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Should I Change The Transmission Fluid In My High Mileage Car?

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I have been searching all over to find if it would be wise to change my transmission fluid. I have a 99 taurus with the AX4S (previously named AXOD). The engine & tranny have roughly 173000 miles on them. my concern is that i have hard upshifts or no shifting at all at some points. it also feels like it slips when its cold out in the morning. what is(are) your sugggestion(s)?

I am a college studet trying to make it to classes each day so i cant afford to mess my car up.

thank you for your time.


Why hello there,

If I were you, no way would I change the fluid at this mileage and with your complaints.  Make sure the fluid is full, and if you want to you can add a can of Lucas transmission additive just to see if it will help some what.

You should be able to get it at most auto parts stores

Dont expect miracles, start saving NOW for a new transmission or a transmission overhaul.

Austin Davis

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