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Separate Car Insurance Policies for Married Couple

Reader’s Question:

Can my spouse and I get separate car insurance policy in Connecticut?



Yes, it is possible in the state of Connecticut for husbands and wives to obtain separate auto insurance policies. You’ll, nevertheless, need to look around to locate an auto insurance provider that will permit you have this type of policy.

According to the Connecticut Insurance Department there are actually no state insurance laws that deal with the matter of excluding a motorist out of your own personal vehicle insurance policy. It’s then left up to the person car insurance providers in Connecticut to determine when they will allow a named motorist exclusion on your insurance policy.

In addition, according to the Connecticut insurance regulator, vehicle insurance companies do not usually permit driver exclusions, specially of a husband or wife.

What this means is you need to look around to obtain the right auto insurance firms for you and your spouse. It could be that you both may find each your own affordable auto insurance policies with similar provider, or you may both ends up obtaining completely different insurance companies for your cars.

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