How to Avoid Your Car Insurance Problems

Here is what you do to avoid insurance problems. First, install anti-theft devices in your car, keep it locked at all times and park in a secure garage. When at work, park in a well-lit area, away from the exit.

Keep a copy of the car registration and insurance at home in case of theft. Carry the insurance card with details of the car model, engine number and policy details in your pocket.

Intimate the police and the insurance company immediately in case of theft or accident. This improves the chances of car recovery or proper claims settlement.

Share true details with the insurer when taking a policy. Ensure adding the names of all people who drive a car in its policy. Study the policy to understand what it covers and does not.

Do opt for rental coverage that costs nothing but provides for a car rental in case your car is in the workshop or stolen. Always pay the auto insurance premium in time to avoid adverse remarks in your insurance record.

Never permit the policy to lapse, as it can be a detriment in policy renewal from the same or other insurers. Gaps in insurance coverage for even a single day imply that you are hence qualifying for higher insurance premiums.

Keep all bills for repairs and submit them when making a claim. Be aware that the insurance company covers just about seventy to eighty percent of the cost of repairs due to depreciation in the value of the car.

Update all information in the insurance policy, like change of address or an addition in the family. This affects the insurance coverage and the amount of premium you pay.

Check the credentials of the insurer before taking an auto insurance policy form them. The company must have a good credit rating and process claims quickly. It must have good customer service to help you during the claims settlement process. Consult an independent agent or friends for a referral before you select a company.

Taking these simple precautions will help you in the end and make the claims process painless.

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