Saturn SL1 – Idles Too Fast In the Morning and At Stops

Reader Question Hi Austin i like all of your feedback But i got a question for you maybe you can shed some light My 1995 saturn SL-1 AS 235000 MILES ON IT AND IT BEEN A GOOD CAR. I brought it Brand New in 1995 so we have put Every mile on it my wife and i I want to fix it up But lately it been acting up on me Like Idling to hi in the morning are when i stop at a red light it stay up to around 1200 RPMs
Thanks Robert

Hi Robert
This might be something as simple as a vacuum leak, either in a rubber hose or connector. Pop the hood and listen and look for a vacuum hissing noise or a hose that is broken. You can also ask your mechanic to clean the throttle body and check the base idle to see if it is set to specs.


Austin C. Davis

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