Renault Megane Classic Saloon 1.6 1999 Won’t Start Sometimes

Reader Question Hi austin,

im from the uk, brill site , we need guys out there like you! Query about my car renault megane classic saloon 1.6 1999, just bought it a week ago (used) and when being driven (even on motorways) the acceloration decreasing and the engine cuts out, it wouldnt start so i called the AA(recovery) and said there was a problem with the realy (the aa guy said it was the main relay), i had that changed and it happened today again (it cut off on the motorway) but it started fine.

i also have a problem with the keys and the central locking not working, inside the key, theres a microchip that enables it to start and can cut out if not the right key.

my question is, is the car stopping because of the faulty key, or it there another problem? please help, i havent a clue about cars.

thank you in advance for your help



Cool name! I am not familiar with your vehicle model, we don’t have those here in the US. If it was a normal US made vehicle I would have the mechanic inspect:

1. Fuel pressure

2. Crankshaft position sensor

3. Ignition module

I don’t think the key is the issue, it is very rare for there to be a problem with them. The items listed above are common culprits for complaints like you are having.


Austin C. Davis

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