Renault Espace Engine Misfire – Spark Plugs – Wire and Ignition Coil are new

Reader Question Hi there,

I have had a lot of problems solving my cars misfire snag, the car will run fine for up to two hours (motorway driving) then anytime after that it suddenly misfires on all four cylinders progressively. I have had new; plugs, plug leads, 2 ignition coils, 4 fuel injectors, and 2 valves replaced and none of this has fixed it. Could you please shed any light on this?



Thanks for the email, but I have no experience with Renault…you don’t seem in the U.S. You have replaced all things I would recommend you try. What is left?

1. Computer

2. Ignition module – if it has one

3. Pick up coil – if it has one

4. Cam and crankshaft sensors – if it has them

You might want to talk to your mechanic and ask them if your vehicle is equipped with any of these. If so, you might have to replace them one at a time and test drive the vehicle….unless you can catch this misfire condition in the act on some test equipment.

Austin C. Davis

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