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water in fuel tankHi there, thanks for visiting.  I made this short video to help my readers with a rare…or at least not as often seen problem, water in the gas tank. That used to be fairly common prior to 1985 or so but now I hardly see issues with it.

In the video below I am showing you water that was found in the fuel tank of my 4 wheeler, and what I suggest you use to remove water or moisture from your fuel tank.

What I am seeing more and more of these days is a break down of fuel.  The ethanol based fuels we are being sold seem to produce a gel and some gritty deposits when left sitting longer than normal. This gel/grit then gums up the carburetor and fuel system.

In my case, I had to remove and overhaul the carburetor to remove the excess gel that had formed due to my lack of daily driving.  Using the products I talk about in the video should help remove the moisture and reduce the gel and grit deposits it leaves behind.  Hope you enjoy.



Now if you DO have a lot of water in your gas tank, enough that the engine will not run, or stay running the additives I talk about in the video will NOT help your situation. You will need to remove the fuel tank from the vehicle and have it drained and flushed out. I would also recommend you replace the fuel filter as well.

Usually the fuel injectors do not get damaged and there is nothing else that is needed to do. In some cases, we have had to replace the spark plugs due to white powder deposits that accumulated on them from the bad fuel.

The best thing to do to avoid getting water in your fuel is choose your fuel station wisely. I prefer to stick to the brand name refiners (Shell, Exxon, Valero etc.) and try to use a gas station that is busy. I want to make sure the fuel at the station is fresh and people are actively using that fuel regularly.

The old rule of thumb was to not buy fuel when it was raining, because in ground fuel storage tanks would leak, but I don’t really think that is an issue these days.

Buy good fuel from a name brand place that is always busy and use the additive occasionally, that is your best line of defense.

You can find SeaFoam at just about any auto parts store, or you can buy online at Amazon.

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