Warning – Refinancing Your ARM Adjustable Rate Home Loan?

Just my two cents on the credit/housing problem

This guy spammed me today with this email solicitation. I am not in the home loan business, so I am not sure how I got on his email list. I was to say, slightly upset….disappointed rather in “the system”.

We have a housing/credit problem here in America and the problem seems to be getting worse. I am all for making a profit, and being an “American businessman” but I don’t prey on my customers.

Read his email below and tell me what you think. Personally this upsets me that people like this are seeking out people who have already been scammed by the mortgage industry and were given a loan that was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at a pre set date.

Now it looks like the industry is going after the same group they just screwed….and sticking it to them again! Of course there are people who are let’s say, not so “smart”…
but you and I both know it was the mortgage industry and some VERY small fine print in the contracts that really did the damage.

Sure, the borrower SHOULD have realized that it was too good to be true…but isn’t this to some extent the American dream? To own your own home, pay a mortgage and your taxes and work your tail off to pay for it.

Then someone comes along and jacks up your monthly mortgage payment and now your dream comes crashing down.

Scott I hope you read this, and I hope you take me off your email list……but I really hope you offer some compassion to these borrowers.

They NEED your help….that is why they are seeking the services of you and your industry, but do you really need to stick it to them?

Scott’ s email to me

“This month, I reveal to you the best ways to make

the really BIG money in…Fannie/Freddie ARM resets!”

A month or two ago, I told you of all the opportunities in this market to make great money doing FHA Streamline refinances. Oh, and don’t forget FHA Secure. And, that 93% of all reverses are FHA too!

But what if you can’t do FHA? Well, then the #1 thing I’d recommend to you, is to target home owners with prime credit scores, that are about to have their interest rates reset!

Bubba, I’m talking about Fannie/Freddie ARM resets!

I tell folks time and again, these borrowers are no “smarter” than the sub-prime borrower, and they’ll pay you 5 points, or even 7.99 points, to refinance their Fannie/Freddie ARM reset, the same as sub-prime borrowers used to do!

Borrowers with adjusting prime ARMs all have the same problems as borrowers with adjusting sub-prime ARMs.

And, let’s not forget that Fannie/Freddie loan limits go up to $729,750 (or 125% of your market’s median home value, whichever’s less) on July 1st!

So, my advice to you is to start signin’ ‘em up! And closin’ ‘em on 7/1!

In fact, even without the higher Fannie/Freddie loan limits, Mike G., in Kansas, took my advice, and in February 2008, he did $80,000.00 in fees with Fannie/Freddie ARM reset borrowers!

And, he only had to mail 900 pieces of direct mail to make it happen. I’m tellin’ ya, they’re hungry for your help!

All his borrowers paid him 5 points to refinance their Fannie/Freddie ARM resets with him! So if you think that prime borrowers won’t pay you the BIG duckets to refinance with you, you’re simply wrong!

For more information on how to market to home owners with Fannie/Freddie ARMs that are about to reset, please read my free report on the matter.

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Scott Tucker

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