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Car Would Not Start

Reader Question: I was driving on the highway. The red engine light of my car came on, and my heater stopped working.

When I stopped the car, it would not start again. The next morning (12 hours later), my car would start again.

Do I need to get my car checked out by a mechanic or do I just need to add antifreeze?


Hey Laura,

Your engine probably overheated and if it started again the next morning and ran ok, you are very lucky! It only takes a few seconds after that red light comes on to do permanent engine damage. Sometimes when the light comes on the damage has already occurred.

Check ALL under hood fluids first before you start or drive this vehicle. If you are out of coolant inside the radiator (look inside the radiator not just what you see in the plastic overflow bottle on the side of the engine) you probably have a leak in the cooling system somewhere and your mechanic needs to pressure test the cooling system to find it if its not obvious.

Austin Davis

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