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How to Avoid Speeding Tickets with your Radar Detector

There are two major types of traffic tickets – tickets for moving violations and tickets for non-moving violations. Moving violations include speeding, failure to obey traffic signs or lights, illegal turns, or doing anything else illegal while your Pinto is in motion. Non-moving violations are for offenses like parking your car illegally. We really can’t help you if you don’t know how to park.

There are two ways to prevent speeding tickets, one way is to stop speeding and the purchase of a radar detector is the other. I’d recommend the former but hey – there’s always the wild side.

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is an electronic device used by motorists to determine if their speed is being monitored. It is simply a receiver tuned to detect the presence of the radar and laser frequencies used by traffic monitors.

A radar detector is completely legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in 49 states in the United States. Overall, a great investment if you have a heavy right foot, so long as you understand that no radar detector is 100% perfect.

The Cheetah Mirror radar detector is like nothing I have seen before. This new radar detector is very simple in use, power it up and all 5 bands come on; you can’t turn off any of the bands. However, it is very essential to remember that even the best radar detector is not perfect when police use instant-on radar.

Learn more about Radar Detectors

Most radar detectors come in the size of a pack of cigarettes. Learning about the function of a radar detector is crucial in deciding whether or not to get one. Some of these detectors can be extremely expensive but finding a discount radar detector is relatively simple if you know where to look. Try EBay for instance.

The installation of a radar detector is a complicated task best handled by an expert. While the remote operation of a radar detector is not a new concept, locating the remote controls in the steering wheel itself is.

If you are looking for great quality and the best buy for your buck the new Whistler XTR-520 Laser-Radar Detector is the one you might want to purchase. The Whistler Crusader Laser-Radar Detector is also one that people use.

The Whistler 948 Euro radar detector is designed specifically for use in Europe. The best radar detector in my opinion is the Passport 8500 with its technology driven detection system this will help you to not get anymore speeding tickets. But please always remember that no radar detector is 100% accurate all of the time.

In a study conducted by the interstate highway, drivers with radar detectors reduced their speeds by at least five miles per hour or activated their brake lights when exposed to police radar. Before this exposure, vehicles with detectors were traveling significantly faster than other drivers.

No matter what new device comes out to try and beat the system, one thing still remains the same; following the designated speed limits is always the best policy.

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