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Primary and Secondary Drivers

Reader’s Question:

What is the difference between primary and secondary drivers in car insurance?



The primary driver is the individual listed as driving the car more often than not. A secondary driver would therefore be a person who as well drives the car, although less frequently.

Suppose you’re married, and also you and your husband or wife have your own car. On your vehicle insurance plan, every one of you’d be listed as the primary driver on the car you operate the most and then as a secondary motorist of the other car.

You’ll be able to include several individuals as secondary drivers on your automobile insurance policies. So, in case your family had 2 vehicles and 3 motorists, then 2 motorists will be listed as primary motorists (one on each car) and the other motorists will be named as secondary motorists on the vehicles.

On this kind of situation, where there are other vehicles than persons, one driver will be named as secondary on both automobiles.

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