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Power Steering Fluid Leak

Manufacturers have developed the power steering to help with easy movement and with the use of minimal effort, most especially when the car is moving very slowly or is not in motion.  But with daily use of these cars, the fluid responsible for the transmission of pressure will degrade and turn into a murky color.  A power steering fluid leak may clog the power steering pump and damage other system components.

Preventing power steering fluid leak is as easy as checking the fluid quality and replacing the fluid.  It is important to have regular check-ups of the power steering fluid with the use of a dipstick.  Fluid from the dipstick should be close to transparency of red, orange, or pink, otherwise a replacement is really needed.

Also, regularly checking the hose for power steering fluid leak will keep the fluid running fresh with no component corrosion.  Replacement of the line or hose is especially needed when the return line is seriously exposed to debris.

For better prevention of power steering fluid leak, the flush system is to be always on top condition. Remove the most possible amount of liquid from the reservoir with a gear oil pump or syringe.  Subsequently, the reservoir must be filled between the maximum and minimum capacity level and have the car run for 2 minutes.  The running should be done 6 times to allow circulation of half a gallon of liquid through the system.

For a power steering enabled car, it is important to maintain the integrity of components of the steering mechanism.  Checking the quality of the fluid will prolong the life of the steering mechanism.  This should be done to prevent power steering fluid leak that could lead to clogging and corrosion and further damage to the system components.

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