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1996 Pontiac Trans Am Lower Radiator Hose Blows Off Radiator

Reader Question I have a 96 Pontiac Trans Am; 6 speed. I have just recently installed a harmonic balancer, electric water pump, radiator, cold air intake, mass airflow sensor, 52mm throttle body, and distributor cap and rotor. My mechanic modified the wiring where the electric fans are running all the time. Despite this, I have had my lower radiator hose blow off three times in the past two weeks. Could you please tell me what this could be.


Hey there D,

Are you sure about that water pump???? You might have too much internal pressure on the cooling system, did the new pump say to replace the radiator cap with a different pressure one? Is the lower hose the correct hose? Does it fit properly, is the radiator neck ok, sometimes they break off and there is not enough of the neck for the hose to clamp on to.


Austin Davis

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