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1994 Pontiac Trans Am Runs Rough Then Engine Dies

Reader Question I have a 94 trans am and when i get on it it runs good until about 3,000 rpm to 5200 rpm then when it shifts into 2nd it runs good for a slit second then it runs rough and backfires and stuff again,the car left my boy and i stranded the other night, it acted like a carberated car.

You would give it gas and the rpms would go down until it stalled and couldn’t be restarted until about 20 minutes later, it would go p,p p,p, then finally started,i put a new fuel filter on and cleaned the throttle plate, and so far it didn’t live me stranded any more but runs bad @ higher rpms , any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks Paul

Hey Paul

I think I would look at the fuel pump pressure first, it sounds like a lack of fuel control/pressure to me. You can rent a manual fuel pressure gauge from your local auto parts store and test the fuel pump yourself.

If things look ok there, I would look at the Ignition module and make sure its working ok there. Modules tend to overheat and freak out but if you wait until it cools back down…things work ok until it overheats again.


Austin Davis

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