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2001 Pontiac Grand Am Temperature Gauge Reads Very Low

Reader Question Hi there –

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT1. Today the temp gauge wouldn’t register above 100, even though it was pumping heat. No check engine lights came on – just the low register on the temp gauge. Any ideas?

Thank you!


Hello Luana,

First start by checking the antifreeze level INSIDE the radiator not just inside the plastic overflow bottle on the side. If the level is full, I would feel the upper and lower radiator hoses to make sure they are both hot to the touch.

If one radiator hose is colder than the other I would replace the thermostat and see what happens. If both hoses are hot, I would test/replace the coolant temperature SENDING unit….not the same as the coolant temperature sensor. The sending unit sends data to the dash gauge.


Austin Davis

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