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Dear Austin,

Finally after a month of trying to figure out what was wrong the check engine light came on. The code was po301 meaning a misfire in cylinder 1 The code reader mentioned it could be spark plugs, wires, ignition coil or a vacuum leak.

Actually exactly what you told me to change. I am a full time nurse and student so I do not have a lot of time or money:(

What my question is, can I drive it this way for a few days or possibly a week? It is Monday and I can get off Saturday. I drive approximately 10- 15 miles a day, city driving.

I just don’t want to blow up or make matters a whole lot worse. Thank you sooo much for all your help. Your online advice was better than three separate mechanics.



It should not cause any damage to drive it a few days…or so until you get your money together. If you just want the bare bones, I would replace the spark plugs and the spark plug wires.

If you REALLY want bare bones, have your mechanic replace that ONE spark plug and plug wire for the #1 cylinder

Austin – thanks for your comments BTW

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