1995 Plymouth Voyager Radio and Radio Lights Out

Reader Question Hi! This is Don and I have a 1995 Plymouth Voyager and the radio light where the radio station and time shows up is not lighting up and it is not the fuses because I checked them and they are fine. If you know how to fix this please let me know and let me know what you think it might be.

Hey there Don

The dash lights are working ok correct? There is a rheostat on the dash that controls the dash light brightness around the instrument panel gauges, it also controls the brightness of the radio display.

If the radio is working correctly, I can only assume it is a problem inside the radio like a burned out bulb. You might want to look around in the phone book for car radio repair shops in your area and get prices. You can also call your regular mechanic and ask them who they would recommend for radio repair…most general repair shops like mine will not do this type of work in house.

Last suggestion is to buy a used radio from the junk yard and have it installed by your regular mechanic. You can also get an after market type of radio installed if you don’t mind changing the look and features of your current radio.


Austin Davis

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