Engine Stalling and Erratic Idle Speed – 1990 Peugeot 405

Reader Input: Hello Austin ,

Here is an interesting experience you may like to note as typical of the bull headed approach taken by too many so – called mechanics incapable of methodical analysis .

’90 Peugeot 405 Auto . — Bosch EFI — Stalling at every stop .

A new TPS had been fitted at a cost of AUD 8oo ,which achieved nothing. I broke all the rules in the book by opening the airflow meter via the top lid to check its mechanical function only to find the vane dragging on the body & not returning to correct idle position — signaling a fuel demand consistent with app 25% throttle opening ,so it was flooding ,hence stalled at every traffic light stop .

To make it continue running at all –& very poorly — I shut down the adjustable idle mixture early in reaching an analysis , Yet when the vane was re-aligned to operate freely, closing by the spring tension the car started instantly & idled well ,though not perfectly .

All very simple stuff ,yet the ‘mechanic ‘ who fitted the TPS bellowed at her when she originally returned to report the problem .

No industry needs such arrogant idiots, as owners struggle with technology starting from scratch with zero knowledge .

thank you

John S.

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