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Peugeot 106 XN

Reader Question: Hi,

I was wondering if you help me. My girl friend has a Peugeot 106 XN. I have noticed that a pool of water accumulates in front of the front seat on the passenger seat and on the seat itself.

How can I solve this and what is the cause?

Please reply.


Hey Matt,

If this is clear water on the floor board, I would suspect you have a clogged air conditioner evaporator drain, and the condensation from the air conditioner is dripping inside the car instead of outside on the ground. Your mechanic can sometimes blow compressed air into the drain hole under the hood to clear the clog.

If this liquid is sticky green antifreeze that feels greasy to the touch, I would suspect you have a leaking heater core inside the dashboard. Check the coolant level inside the radiator to be sure, but if your heater is leaking it will usually leak on the passenger floor on the carpet. It will sometimes fog up the windows and have a sweet odor out the AC vents.

I have yet to see either leak get the actual seat cushion wet though. Check the seal around the windshield weather stripping and the passenger window and sunroof if equipped. This might be rainwater.

Austin Davis

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