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PCV Valve

A car has many parts that are essential for a car to keep it running. One if them is the PCV valve or positive crankshaft ventilation valve. It may seem unnecessary at first, but like all others, it performs a vital function for the car. The valve is a plastic plumbing that has an important role for the emission control system of the car. When the valve is clogged, the car’s emission system becomes compromised and several problems arise such as slow acceleration, poor idling, power loss, and others. There is really no prescribed time on when these valves needs to be changed, although 30 to 60 thousand miles can be made as a guide. Replacing the valve is easy with the proper knowledge and method, and the following steps can help you through it:

  • Materials and location. You will need needle nose pliers and the PCV valve that you will use as replacement. You should also be knowledgeable about the location of the valve, which is usually at the crankcase. It is also usually on the engine’s top half, with a rubber hose connected on one of its end. In case that you are really not sure about the location of the valve, it is best to look at the car’s service manual.
  • Removing the old valve. After you had located the valve, it is time to start removing it. You have to remove first the host connected to it. If the valve is connected in the middle of two hoses, it would be easy to remove the valve. However, if the PCV valve is connected to the valve cover or crankcase, it would be best to use the pliers to remove it.
  • Replacing the new valve. The hose can be connected first to the new valve before placing it to the location. If the valve is formerly placed in an easy to reach position, you can just push or press it and the process is done. However, if the position is hard to reach, you can use the pliers to put the new valve in place.

Replacing the PCV valve is a relatively easy and inexpensive thing to do. Before the procedure, you may want to consult the car’s manual in order to have an idea on the recommended valve and interval of its replacement. Do not wait for the valve to be completely damaged; replace it early so the car would not suffer other problems related to it.

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