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Parking in your Garage May Affect your Car Insurance

Parking the car on the road means more risk of being stolen or have some other mishap, instead car owners store it in a garage.

As we keep our car behind a locked door at night, when most thefts that occur, it has a very positive effect in terms of the insurance .

You will be surprised to know that I was paying almost three percent more until my cousin told me that I should park my car in a garage overnight. This equates to about $50 more a year to pay for a driver of 22 years of age with two years’ leave.

In most cases parking your car in a garage can lower the premium, but in rare instances can be found that it has the opposite effect. All insurance companies have different characteristics and is difficult to know exactly why this happens, it could be due to the risk that your car can be stolen while parked in the street or while parked in the garage at night may pose a risk accident.

The price of insurance depends on many factors and not only if the car is parked in the garage or not, but of course always the most affected are young people, because statistically speaking, they are those who suffer the most accidents. Another important feature is the area where we park the car at night. So much so that a larger more experienced driver in a different area would get very different results than a young person. In any case, be sure to compare car insurance with us before deciding to build a garage.

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