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Operating Under the Influence

Reader’s Question:

If someone borrows my car and they got caught driving under the influence, will this affect my car insurance rate?



If your buddy is found guilty of operating under the influence or driving under the influence (DUI), it’ll go on their record and not yours. What this means is it will likely be their car insurance rates that’ll be affected, and not your car insurance.

For your auto insurance provider to rate you on drunk driving, they’d need to be made aware of it. Unless of course the friend is added as a driver on your automobile insurance policy, your car insurance company would not have a motive to check on that person’s driving history to learn about the Drunk driving charge.

At this point, if the friend has an automobile accident on your vehicle, that’s a different story. The accident and claims goes on your claims record, that will result in your car insurance rates to increase. Additionally, if the person regularly drives your vehicle, then your insurance company may need you to include them to the policy as a driver since they’ve crashed your vehicle and left your vehicle insurance to cover the damages.

While using Drunk driving charge on your friend’s history, it’ll make auto insurance rates higher for them on whichever automobile insurance policy they’re listed. Whether or not they are listed as a driver on your policy, their very own coverage or another person’s, the Drunk driving charge is regarded as a serious violation and can result in a significant premium increase.

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