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Online Auto Repair Manual – My Favorite Repair Manual

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Reader Question Austin, what is your favorite auto repair manual?
John Mason
The Best Auto Repair Manual

I probably get at least 2 emails a day from my readers that ask me “what is the best auto repair manual”. Ok…glad you asked me that question, because I just love talking about Alldata, my favorite online auto repair manual.

Why do I like Alldata so much? The biggest reason I like them so much is the fact that is it totally online information. You sign up for a year subscription and access your vehicle information totally online. You do of course have the option to print out the materials on your printer.

A hard bound book and greasy hands do not mix very well, a typical hard bound manual gets very dirty, pages get ripped out, and the book usually gets lost in the garage or a “friend” borrows it and forgets to return it, or you forget which friend you loaned it out to.

Alldata does a great job of updating the materials as well, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on new information or new diagrams etc.

Recall and TSB’s Recall information can be a huge lifesaver…literally. When the government issues a mandatory recall notification you are then mailed the recall notice to your home address, but people move, and mail gets lost etc. etc. bottom line, most recalls are never taken advantage of, and life saving repairs might be missed.

Alldata emails you the recall info, and you can log into your account and see any new recalls that have been issued for your particular vehicle. No one else does this, and this is a very valuable service.

TSB’s – Technical Service Bulletin. TSB’s can save you tons of time diagnosing “known issues”. A technical service bulletin is issued from the manufacture when there seems to be a pattern of reported repairs and complaints seen by the new car dealership service departments. These TSB’s are issued to all the dealerships to help them save time and resources diagnosing recurring problems in their vehicles. This extremely valuable information is passed on to you in your Alldata subscription, which basically gives YOU the same knowledge as the dealership mechanics. WOW!

Illustrations and wiring diagrams You can NOT repair a car today without a wiring diagram, and if you have ever tried to read and follow a wiring diagram in a typical hard bound manual you know what a pain it is to navigate the diagram with the crease in the center of the page, or when you have to turn the page to follow the wire path.

With ALLDATA you can print out only the pages you need….and connect them together with tape and paste it on a clip board so it is easy to navigate….you can also use color markers to outline the wires you are working with…VERY helpful, and you can just throw it away when you are finished with the repair.

I HIGHLY recommend Alldata online auto repair manuals

How much is ALLDATA?, about the price of ONE oil change…can you believe it? I don’t see how they can make a profit on it really.

Here is the link to Get your subscription to ALLDATA Repair Manuals
Once there click the BUY NOW button at the top left corner of their page.

Austin Davis

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