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Austin: We bought my daughter a blue (color of her eyes) 93 Oldsmobile. It had 90,000 when We bought it. It now runs rough and my daughter says it hesitates on acceleration.

Do you think I need a tune up? We took it to our mechanic on a rainy misty day (the first day we noticed it) but it didn’t hesitate for him. So he gave it back to us and didn’t charge us. Now my daughter says it hesitates even on clear days.

What do you think?


Hi Charlie

Needing a tune up (basically just spark plugs and spark plug wires on this car) could definitely cause an engine miss and or hesitation…BUT there are a few other things that can cause this complaint as well.

  1. Lack of fuel pressure caused by a weak fuel pump
  2. Lack of spark caused by a faulty ignition coil or ignition module Other electrical sensors

I would ask your mechanic to take a look at on of the spark plugs and plug wires and see if it is time to change them. If they DO need replacement I would probably go ahead and replace them just as maintenance and as a guess as to the source of the problem.

Worn spark plugs and wires can also cause lack of power, slower starts and poor fuel economy…so if they are due for a change, it will be money well spent.

If they are NOT due for a change, I would wait until the problem gets worse so it can be properly diagnosed by your mechanic.

Keep me posted as to what you find.

Have a great week!

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Austin C. Davis

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