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1992 Oldsmobile Regency 98 Speedometer Not Working

Reader QuestionDear Mr. Davis,

I’ve written you before and you’ve helped me and now I find myself seeking your help once again.

Our speedometer is very temperamental and at times refuses to work at all. Could you please give me some advice on the cause? I haven’t a clue as to why it behaves the way it does. Please help!


Hi Daphne

If this is standard, old fashion speedometer I would probably suspect a problem with the speedometer cable or the speedometer “head” the actual moveable part of the gauge. If this is an electronic speedometer, I would suspect a bad speed sensor, or something wrong with the speedometer “cluster” the actual electronic gauge part in the dash. Depending on where you live, you probably have a speedometer repair shop close by.

Look in the phone book for speedometer repair, they would be the cheapest and quickest option for that type of problem. Most repair shops including some dealers will sub that kind of work out to these specialty shops. You might also call your regular mechanic for a referral if you don’t see any in the phone book.


Austin Davis

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