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Oldsmobile Intrigue – Vibration is a Bad Tire or Bad Strut?

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I have a 1998 Olds Intrigue. I put new tires on it about 6-7 Months ago. After having my tires rotated recently I started having a vibration from the front left wheel area. I put new brake pads and rotors on the front end but that did not help. I finally figured out that I had high-low spots all the way around the inside edge of the tire.

I went back to where I got the tires and they replaced the tire and that solved the problem. They said that I most likely have a strut going bad on the rear of the car since that is where the problem actually occurred and then was transferred to the front when I had the tires rotated. I talked to a mechanic that told me that sounds like it was just a bad tire.

Will a bad strut cause this problem, or did I just have a bad tire?


Hi there,

Lack of tire rotation and proper wheel balance is the main cause for high spots and uneven wear on tires. The strut really won’t have anything to do with it, a worn or weak strut will make the vehicle ride bouncy and decrease steering performance, but not cause tire wear unless the alignment is out of whack.

You really should rotate AND rebalance your tires every 4 oil changes…or 12K miles to help keep the tire wear even.


Austin C. Davis

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