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Oldmobile Cutlass Electric Window Motor Won’t Work

Reader Question
I have a 95 Olds Cutless Cierra with auto windows and the drivers side front just quit working. what should I look for before buying any parts.

Thanks, Diane


Great question. A simple shady tree mechanic test would be to turn the key to the on position (engine is not running) open the driver door so the interior dome light is on. Watch the dome light as you operate the driver side window switch.

If the light dims when you operate the switch, you most likely need a new window motor in that door. If nothing happens to the light…stays most likely have a bad window switch.

If you hear the motor working inside the door (put your ear to the door panel as you operate the switch), but the window is not coming up you probably have a bad window regulator. The regulator holds the glass to the window motor frame. The motor is turning but not attached to the frame of the glass anymore.

If you suspect a bad window motor, try banging on the bottom inside part of the driver door with your fist AS you operate the switch. Sometimes you can kick start a weak motor.


Austin C. Davis

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