2003 Olds Alero – Transmission Hard to Get Out of Park

Reader Question I have a 2003 Olds Alero. Lately it has been hard to get the automatic transmission out of park. If I get out and rock the car just a little, then I can move the selector to reverse or drive. Any thoughts?

Hello Randy

I am not very familiar with the Alero, and I am not really a transmission guy, BUT I would suspect you have a linkage/adjustment type of problem and not a costly internal transmission issue.

You might have someone move the gearshift through all the gears (with the engine off of course) while you look under the hood and under the vehicle at the linkage to see if you can see any obvious slack or impediment that might cause your issue.

During your next oil change, you can ask the mechanic to take a look for you as you move the shifter. There might be a worn out grommet or wear in the linkage that he can see.

You might also try wiggling the ignition key around and moving the steering wheel from side to side, with your foot on the brake to see if there is something worn in the ignition lock cylinder that might not release the transmission from park. Just a thought.


Austin C. Davis

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