Engine Oil Drain Plug Stripped Out On Toyota Avalon

oil drain plug stripped outHi, I bought your ebook awhile back and am very happy with it!
Thank you for your efforts. I have a quick question though.

My mother has a Toyota Avalon that she took in to have the oil changed.

She always takes it to the same dealership.

Well this morning they told her that the oil drain plug was stripped and they could not get it out and gave her a quote of almost $500 to replace the oil pan and plug.

My question is, how did it get stripped?

Is this a common problem, or do yo think it was messed up last time the oil was changed?

If so, what is the best way to bring this up with the dealership to get them to acknowledge that they may have caused the problem?

I know you are very busy and I thank you for your time if you can answer this.


Hey there Michael,

This stuff just happens…someone PROBABLY over tightened it one the last oil change, but getting them to fess up to it will be impossible.

What I would do is use an over-sized drain plug that they make just for this type of situation. We get this in our shop at least once a month…and RARELY do we need to replace the oil pan. We can usually get the oil plug out with pliers or a drill.

They should be able to cut off or drill out the old plug, re-thread the hole with a tap and die set then use an over sized drain plug which you can get at any auto parts store. I would show them your oil change records and make sure they understand that THEY were the last to tighten the plug. I bet they find a way to get it out.

In the future, they really do not have to tighten the oil drain plug very tight as long as the washer (usually hard white nylon, or a soft rubber gasket) is in place and in good condition.

Watch this video to learn more

Keep me posted will ya?

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Austin Davis

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  1. lynne says:

    wish I’d found you before I spent $573:(

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