What Octane Rating Fuel Should I Use In My Car?

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Hi. I have a couple of Questions for you.

1. Does 87 Octane Damage my engine.

2. Does 87 make your engine knock? What cause your engine to Knock?

3. What can i do if my Check engine light comes on? Is 87 octane the cause it to come on?

Hey there

Thanks for your email. Your engine could “knock” because of poor quality fuel, not enough octane in the fuel…although 87 should be more than fine, or from engine troubles like :

1. Ignition timing set to far advanced

2. Firing order is not correct

3. Worn out spark plugs and or plug wires

4. an emission sensor is failing – oxygen sensor, knock sensor , egr valve, cam sensor or crank sensor failures

Does 87 octane damage your engine…not that I am aware of, but I am not a fuels expert. If you are driving a normal vehicle with stock engine components and you are filling up with regular or premium fuel you are probably ok.

Will 87 octane cause your check engine light to come on…probably not. Have you read my article on check engine lights to see what causes them to come on? Check my new site.

Check Engine Lights Explained

Austin C. Davis

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