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NS4 Toyota Prototype Plug-in Hybrid by 2015

In Detroit, there have been a prototype futuristic look rather risky and which has attracted all eyes on the Toyota stand. This is the Toyota NS4, a plug-in hybrid prototype that anticipates what will be a sports sedan is scheduled to launch in 2015.

Its aerodynamic design is clearly marked by a very sharp front and sharp shapes . Hood lines come together in a bumper weevil, which has a certain tuning of its forms. The pillar around the windshield, is very thin so that the visibility around the car is excellent.

To be a sports sedan, called attention to the low height of the body, which maintains a very low center of gravity. Mechanically, it incorporates a plug-in hybrid system with 2.0-liter engine . The crystals are heat-reflecting so that block UV rays.

But it also highlights the solar panels that let light into the car and at the same time have the function of providing energy for air conditioning.

On the safety car is a very advanced, as it has a hood with automatic lift . This if detected by the sensors of the bumper that hit a pedestrian, he gets up to leave a gap between the hood and the engine and possible damage to dampen them.

On the other hand, also has a Pre-Crash System ( PCS , Pre-collision System) with assistance to avoid collisions. If it senses that we will have an accident and do not step reach the brake, automatically takes care of stopping the vehicle. This system already incorporating them other cars now sold in series, so not especially striking in a car designed for 2015.

I honestly hope the Toyota line by 2015 to derive no cars like this . Because I personally think that the likes of drivers do not evolve as fast as the great minds of the designers of prototypes like this.

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