Loud Noise in My Mini Van Air Conditioner?

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Hi I have a minivan and just recently it started to make a noise like a fog horn. It happens when I stopped and moving. Only last a few seconds. I think it only happens when the air is on, not sure. Any ideas?

Howdy there Steven,

I would suspect you have something going on with your air conditioner. If the noise is more so on the passenger side like under the glove box area, you might have a problem with the air conditioner blower motor or the evaporator which is inside the dashboard.

If you hear this noise coming from under the hood of the vehicle you might have a loose fan belt that is flopping up and down, or you could have a vibration in one of your air conditioner rubber hoses that attach to the air compressor under the hood.

I would open the hood with the engine running and see if you can produce the noise with the hood open where you can look for anything out of place.

I don’t think it is anything to worry too much about at this point as long as the a/c is still working and you are not experiencing any other problems with the vehicle. Keep me posted as to what you find will ya?

Austin Davis

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  1. monica says:

    i aslo have the same problem with my vans ac but the noise is coming from the side panel in the back part of the van and no air goes on in the rear only the front. any ideas.

    • By Austin Davis says:

      If you have rear air conditioning you have a rear blower motor, and there could be a problem with that motor causing the noise….and the reason for no air.

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