Noise In Car When I Drive Over a Bump

thump noise in car over bumpsAustin, we just bought a new 05 Kia Sedona the front end makes a noise when we hit a rough spot in the road, almost sounds like a strut, or from the old school a loose or broken shock, best I can tell it’s coming from the Right side.

However I won’t say for sure, I took it back to the dealer, the lead mechanic listened to how I described the noise, without driving the van he told me they all done that, and we would basically have to live with the noise, and that Kia was working on a solution, it didn’t do it till a we had a couple hundred miles on it, now it’s constant, any advice?

Thank You, Rad


Hi there Rad,

We had a similar noise on the right side, but mostly at low speeds or while making a hard turn in the parking lot. The dealer replaced the engine mounts, which did fixed the problem. We DO NOT have any other noises and I would not expect there to be any in yours as well. I do not believe a noise in a new car is something you have to live with.

Here is a video you can watch as they check for a broken motor mount

I am not sure if the 05 has the same engine mount issue as our 04 but you might want to ask your dealer, or another one, to take a look at them for you. Our dealer knew exactly what the problem was on a test drive, but to me it did sound like a loose strut mount.

The strut mount is what the strut itself uses to mount to the body of the vehicle. There is a bearing inside the mount, as well as a rubber cushion around the metal part of the mount that comes in contact with the body of the vehicle.

What happens with those strut mounts is either the bearing goes bad and the strut moves around inside the mount causing a thumping noise. Or the rubber part of the mount cracks or comes apart and the mount is banging up against the body of the vehicle, causing a thump noise over bumps.

This video shows how the upper strut mount can be checked and the noise it makes…similar to your noise?

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Austin C. Davis

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