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My 1984 Lincoln Town Car Does Not Have Spark To The Spark Plugs

Reader Question I have a question and need help. I bought a 1984 lincoln town car limo from a man in new york, the limo was driven back to michigan where I live. when i got back to my house we started working on the limo to try putting it into
service. When I disconected the battery terminals from the battery the car was working when I reconnected the terminals the vehicle wouldnt start it would turn over but not start.

I had some of my friends come over and try to figure out the problem we figured one part of it that no gas was coming into the engine(we fixed that problem) but the engine still wont start. their is no sparks in the spark plugs,gas goes into the engine but wont start. What could be the problem? Thank you, sincerly Matt


My first thought is …did someone hook the battery cables up backwards? If you had spark before you disconnected the cables, but do not now, I would suspect someone hooked the cables up backwards and blew up the computer or some other electrical item.

If you are positive that did not happen, then double check all ground wires and small cables that are at the battery and make sure you hooked them all back up to the battery. Follow the cables from the battery to the engine ground, starter, and to the starter solenoid on the inside fender and make sure every thing is connected.

Second – check all fuses, you might have caused a spark when you disconnected the battery which blew out a fuse.

Third check the ignition coil and see if you have all the battery wires hooked up to it, and see if you have spark coming from the coil, if you have another Ford around, with the same kind of coil you can swap it out and see if you get spark back.

Fourth Check the distributor, make sure the cap is clean inside and the ignition rotor inside the cap is on tight and in good shape. Make sure the spark plug wire from the ignition coil to the distributor cap is good and tight as well.

Let me know

Austin C. Davis

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