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Nitrogen Filled Tires

For others, what they consider as one of the new trends when it comes to car tires is filling the same with nitrogen. But actually, such practice has been done for quite some time now. In fact, nitrogen filled tires are commonly used in airlines and in widely known car racing events like Formula 1, NASCAR and NASA. Despite such, most car owners stick with compressed air since not all of them are aware of the advantages of filling tires with nitrogen. In case you are also at lost regarding this particular matter, below are some bits of information to help you out.

It is a normal occurrence for amounts of air to leak from the tire rubber’s pore whenever you drive. For this reason, it has become vital to maintain the right amount of air pressure in tires for a safe and convenient driving experience. This can be assured with the help of nitrogen filled tires because as opposed to compressed air, nitrogen is a denser gas. With its larger molecules, the rate of leak is about thirty to forty percent slower. Another great thing about nitrogen filled tires is that the heat is better dispersed, which entails cooler running tires. With this, you won’t have to worry about catastrophic car failures.

Other benefits of nitrogen filled tires include fuel economy. As stated earlier, the tires would be cooler while driving when they are filled with nitrogen. Conversely, when they are hot, the temperature makes the tires softer and more rolling resistant. This phenomenon can greatly affect the fuel mileage and lower fuel economy. But with nitrogen, this can be avoided.

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