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1992 Nissan Stanza Loss of Power Runs Sluggish – Why?

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Hi Austin, I have a 1992 nissan stanza with a 2.4l 4 cylinder, my question is lately on take off or at low speeds the it has been kind of doggy or hesitant, but when I push the pedal down it will take off, I’ve also noticed my gas mileage drop, can u give me any hints on what to check first?



Always start off checking the basics.

1. Spark plugs – best to replace as maintenance every 60,000 miles

2. Spark plug wires – best to replace as maintenance every 60,000 miles

3. Fuel filter – best to just replace as maintenance every 30,000 miles

4. Distributor cap and ignition rotor – best to replace as maintenance every 50,000 miles

More advanced tests:

1. Check fuel pump pressure – checking for low fuel pressure

2. Check for exhaust system restriction….catalytic converter or muffler stopped up not allowing exhaust to escape

3. Oxygen sensor or other sensor problem

4. Ignition timing problem

5. Vacuum leak under the hood – like in a rubber hose or plastic T connector


Austin C. Davis

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