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Brake Noise When Turning 97 Nissan Pickup

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Hello, I have a 1997 Nissan pickup and whenever I seem to turn to the right the driver side front brake makes a squalling sound. Its starting to bug me now. When I put the brakes on the sound seems to go away.

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You are probably due for a brake job. I don’t know why turning the wheel has anything to do with the noise it could just be coincidental. There are small “wear indicators” that are attached to the brake pad itself and is designed to give off a high pitched squeal when the brake pads wear down to the indicator level.

When you step on the brake, you basically force the wear indicator into the brake rotor so it can not vibrate and make the squeal noise. So, get a brake inspection before you do damage to the brake rotor….that is the part the brake pads grab onto to stop the vehicle.


Austin Davis

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