1998 Nissan Pathfinder – Should I Flush The Transmission?

Reader Question Dear Austin,

I have a few questions to ask you. First, I have a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder VE-V6 engine with approximately 186,000 miles. I have never had my transmission serviced. One mechanic suggested that I do not bother the transmission now since I’ve never had it serviced before. He suggested this because of the number of miles. It it not giving me any trouble. What do you suggest I do? What is necessary to maintain an automatic transmission?

Second, how do you know when the shocks and/or struts need to be replaced?

Third, what are the signs of bad rotors? When do they need to be replaced?

And lastly, what causes a car to rock and/or wobble from side to side when driving on an unlevel ground/surface, turning onto a road/highway and makes a thumping, clicking noise?

Thank you for your attention and assistance. I look forward to your reply.

Hello there

Do NOTHING to your transmission, you will probably do more harm than good by flushing or servicing the transmission fluid at this point.

When you notice the ride of the vehicle is a little more bouncy than it used to be its time for shocks and struts. They really only aid in the ride of the vehicle, so if you feel the ride is not as smooth as it once was, you might want to ask your mechanic to do a “bounce test”…push hard on the vehicle with your hands and see if it bounces back a few times, or if it just bounces back once…which it should.

Rotors, if you have a vibration or shake in the steering wheel when you step on the brake, you need to have your rotors trued, or replaced.

Here is more about it

Brake Rotors Warped


Austin C. Davis

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