2003 Nissan Pathfinder Yellow Check Engine Light Comes On

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Dear Austin,

I have 2003 model pathy 77.000 km milleage (I stay in Gulf area). Just a week ago I did routine maintenance for my pathy.I change engine oil,automatic oil,gear oil,fan belt and also I changed silinder haed gasket due to small leakage.But after I run for 70 km this yellow ligth indicator ( check engine ligh) coming on even I start and again off my car several times.

Dear reader please advise me what happen to my pathy,what I shuold do and can I use my car as normal condition?

Best regards

Hey there

Did you read my article about check engine lights?

Check Engine Lights Explained

I would make sure you plugged in all the sensor and electrical connectors and vacuum hoses that might have come unplugged by accident when you did your repairs. Double check all your work and all wires and vacuum hoses to make sure they are plugged in where they should be.

If you don’t see anything unplugged, you will need to have the computer codes read by your mechanic to see what the problem is. It is probably ok to drive the vehicle with the YELLOW light on, but you might see a drop in fuel economy and engine performance.


Austin C. Davis

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