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1995 Nissan Maxima – Idles Rough and Engine Cuts Out – Why?

Reader Question Morning and hello, I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima and I’m having trouble starting it up. It idles very hard and may cut off. The transmission also is slow to jump into gear.

I’ve had a full tune-up on it. I’ve recently replaced the radiator, all belts and plugs and wires. Change all fluids and added fuel additives to the tank and changed the timing belt. But it’s still doing the same thing.

Thanks Anthony

Hey Anthony,

How are ya? Thanks for the email. I kinda need to run some tests to really see what is going on but a few things I would check first would be:

1. Is there a vacuum leak under the hood somewhere…look for a broken rubber vacuum hose or connection…and listen for a hissing noise

2. Are the spark plug wires connected correctly…sometimes the plug wires will come loose and cause an engine misfire

3. Are any sensor wires unplugged? Since you have done so much other work, there is a good chance a connector or sensor wire could have become unplugged.

4. Is the throttle body dirty and need to be cleaned?

5. Check the fuel pressure with a manual fuel pressure gauge…is the fuel pump weak?

6. Read computer codes to see if there is any information that is being stored


Austin Davis

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