2003 Nissan Maxima Clicking Noise In Engine When Starting?

Reader Question My 2003 Nissan Maxima was making a clicking noise when I was trying to start it. It wouldn’t start so a passerby tried to give me a jump. It didn’t work and everything was dead after that.

Any advice?


Hey there Diane

Usually that noise is caused by lack of power in the battery, Or lack of battery power to the starter motor. If the headlights are dim, or are out completely then you have a dead battery.

If the lights are bright, but when you turn the key to the start position the lights go out, then you probably have a bad connection at the battery cables, if the lights dim when you turn the key then you probably have a bad starter motor.

A “bad” battery sometimes might not jump start just to a problem inside the battery, so either replace the battery if it is older than 3 years or have someone charge the battery for you and test it.



Austin Davis

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