Nissan Maxima Check Engine Light Comes On Then Goes Off

Reader Question I have a 1999 Nissan Maxima with 106,000 miles. For about a year now, the service engine soon light (yellow indicator) has been coming on and staying on for a month or so, then goes off for several weeks before coming back on again.

The car drives fine and seems to have no symptoms of a problem. When it first happened, I took the car to my mechanic, with whom I’ve done business for 20 years and trust very much. He told me he hooked the car up to the computer, but got no codes to indicate anything was wrong. He said not to be concerned unless the light started blinking.

Do you know if this is a common problem among Maximas? As I said, I trust my mechanic, but I’m still concerned when I drive the car long distances. What’s your advice?
Thanks Ron

HI there Ron,

Have you read my article on check engine lights?

Check Engine Lights Explained

The light coming on and off as you turn off the engine is normal, but there must be a continual problem somewhere that the computer is picking up on then setting the light.

Next time the light comes on, take it to the mechanic and let them read the codes…..but do not turn off the engine, or the code will probably clear itself.

If you are not experiencing any other symptoms, poor fuel mileage, slow starting , poor acceleration etc. etc. I would probably not be too concerned about it, BUT you probably NOT pass a state emission/inspection test the way it is now.


Austin C. Davis

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