Nissan ALTIMA GLE – Noise Coming From AC Compressor?

Reader Question Hi Austin,

I got a Nissan ALTIMA GLE 2000 nad it makes a hissing sound whenever i switch on the AC and it is very hot outside and the sound is like as if the engine is missing and then this sound keeps coming after every few minutes say 5-10 minutes. This sound only comes only when the AC is running.

Can you suggest what could be the problem here? Thanks !!!

Hi Ajay, thanks for your email

If this noise is coming from under the hood, I would look at the a/c compressor (while you have the switch ON and the engine running) and see if you can pinpoint where the noise is coming from. The a/c compressor “clutch” is the part that the fan belt wraps around. See if you can determine if the noise is coming from there. If so, you probably need a new compressor…clutch at least, maybe a new compressor assembly.


Austin C. Davis

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