Nissan 240SX Engine Won’t Start Sometimes

Reader Question Dear Sir

I got up this morning and ran errands. Stopping and starting at several places. However, as I was leaving my brother’s house, I went to my 1989 Nissan 240SX and it would not start.

No lights on the dash, horn wouldn’t even honk. Absolutely all. The key won’t even come back out of the ignition. My brother thinks perhaps it could be something to do with the ignition. May I please have your professional opinion? I appreciate any advice you may have.



Hello there Jillian

I would first rule out the possibility of a dead battery or a loose or corroded battery cable connection. Try and charge or jump start your battery or replace it with a known good battery to test.

You should not be able to move the battery cables on the battery with your bare hands if they are good and tight.

Once you get the engine running, I would have the alternator checked out and make sure it is recharging the battery as the engine is running.

The horn should honk regardless if the key was in the ignition or not… I am guessing you have a battery/alternator type of problem. Make sure the gear shifter is in park or neutral and your foot is on the brake when trying to remove the ignition key. You might need some battery power to get the key to release…..


Austin Davis

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