New VW Factory In Germany – Wow!

Ok, I did a live radio interview on a Christian music station here in Houston yesterday and the topic of where your vehicle was assembled came up, and was very popular with the listeners.  I basically just covered the basics of checking your VIN (vehicle identification number) located in the left lower corner of your windshield on the dashboard as you sit in the driver seat.

A number 1 means the vehicle was assembled in America

A number 2 means it was assembled in Canada

A number 3 means it was assembled in Mexico

A “J” means it was assembled in Japan

A “K” means it was assembled in Korea

and there are many more options as well.

I also talked about the assembly plants as well, and how robots and machines have taken the place of many human operated tasks and for the most part this is a good thing. The engines and critical components in today’s vehicles are much better made and meet much higher tolerances as engines of yesteryear made by a human…that is fallible.  The downside of course it means many people have been displaced in the work force.

So, I saw this video the other day about a car factory in Germany, and was shocked at the level of precision that they are able to achieve.  Yes, this particular plant is making a very high end luxury car, but I say it’s just a matter of time before all cars will be made in a similar fashion.

Check out this video…makes you want one of those cars doesn’t it?

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