My Toyota is Overheating

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I noticed that my car (2004 Toyota Camry) started overheating. The Radiator is not broken or blocked. I use Radiator Coolant. Within Two days, the car soaked four liters of Radiator Coolant. My mechanic said I need to change the Radiator. I am skeptical. Please what do you advise?

Hey there,

So you are having to keep adding coolant to the radiator? If so, then you have a leak somewhere and if you can not see the source of the leak then have your mechanic do a “cooling system pressure test” to help locate the leak.

A radiator can be so restricted at the bottom with mineral deposits and rust that it will not allow any coolant to circulate through out the engine, thus overheat and possibly boil over into the plastic jug on the side of the engine area.

Have you watched my overheating video? Should help you rule out a few things and narrow down what the problem is.

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