My GM Car Will Not Start – Security Warning Light On

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When I turn the key on my 1998 Chevy Lumina it seems everything is dead. No clicking or anything.

I can short the starter and it starts right up and runs great. The tested ok at the dealer. The security light and airbag light is on when it is running. I just installed a new battery which did not help. Thank you

Hi Randy,

Do you have another ignition key you can try? There is a security chip on the ignition key and it can become worn and not send the proper signal to the onboard security system to give authorization to start the engine.

If another key does not seem to help you might have a problem with the ignition lock cylinder itself. The lock cylinder is the part where you insert the ignition key. It too becomes worn out over time and can cause the security chip on the ignition key to not send the proper start signal.

Having lots of keys (excess weight) on your key chain can place undue stress on the ignition lock cylinder causing premature wear.

Austin Davis

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