My Car Tries To Die and Then Revs Up In Park – Why Is This?

Ok I have a problem I tried searching on your site first but couldn’t find anything related to the problem I am having. My engine when it is in park only acts like it is stalling then revs itself up to keep from dieing and repeats itself consistently. This only happens when the car is warmed up.

From reading a few of other peoples posts I was thinking it may be something with the fuel control? I know its not a vaccum leak because I already checked for that. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Hello there John

The first thing I would do is clean the throttle body,

I would also try cleaning the IAC Idle Air Control valve, which you should be able to see once you remove the air intake hose and the Mass Air Flow Sensor in oder to get to the throttle plates to clean as I mentioned above. I think your IAC motor will have 4 wires, and you should be able to remove it and clean it using air intake cleaner from your auto parts store.

Here is something else I found that might help

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Austin Davis

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