My Car Hit a Curb – Front End Damaged?

my car hit a curbHello Mr Davis, My name is Carol. I have a Ford Tarsus FFV. I recently hit the curb on the passages side while making a u turn to the left. I hit it pretty hard to where it blew a hole in the side wall of tire.

I had alignment issues before this happened but now I am really out of alignment. And other issues due to the impact of the curb. First aside from the fact I am wearing out my tires within weeks, when I turn to the left especially a sharp turn it feels like the drivers tire is going to fold (don’t know how else to explain it).

The steering wheel is turned to the 11 O’clock 4 O’clock position when driving straight and then all of a sudden it’s like I have no steering just for a brief few seconds and it does this off and on. Normal the response in the steering is quick.

Also when I hit bumps or uneven sections on the road, the whole front end feels and sounds like it’s going to fall out, buckle under fall apart?? I took it to a shop they said I would have to take it to a place that that does collision repair. And just to look at it with no repairs they want $150 It is not possible for me to pay for the car to be looked at and then what ever the repairs might end up being.

My car insurance is liability so letting the curb jump out in front of me is not covered in my policy. 🙂 Can you make any suggestions that I can do myself to diagnose and repair my car.

I am not a mechanic but I have worked on cars and I have changed out the alternator, the water pump and the serpentine belt in this car. I was also a Parts Specialist for a major RV dealership. So I do know a little bit..Can you help me please???

I understand you don’t have much time and can’t give me step by step, but maybe you can point me in the right direction and maybe recommend diy on you tube.. I have already watched the alignment with the string and I get it. Should I do that before any further diagnose or figure out what all I did when hitting the curb? HELPPPPPPPPPPP? Thank you very much in advance for any help you may be able to give.


Hi Carol, 

I would recommend you try another auto repair shop and ask them to do a 4 wheel alignment, or at least try to. What I would be most concerned with is the camber and toe specs, both of those wear out tires and cause pulls. Caster is when one wheel is pushed farther back than the other, wont wear the tire but can cause weird steering issues like you have on your left turn. Check the space between the back of the front tire and the bottom of the fender, they should be the same on both sides

The on and off again steering could be a problem with the power steering pump being low on fluid so check that first.

Sometimes a bad tire can cause weird issues like this so if all else fails rotate the front tires to the back and see if that helps.

BTW $250 is about average for a frame shop to hook up, see what is wrong and try to pull back into place. If parts are bend or damaged it will be much more.


Hi,  Thank you for your reply.
After I had sent the email I did check my power steering fluid and it was low. I went ahead and with a turkey baster sucked out was was left and filled to appropriate level. Don’t know if that was the problem due to the fact I haven’t been able to drive the car.

Today I went ahead and put the car up on jack stands and tried to adjust the tie rods for the toe in and toe out adjustments. I think the tie rods are both bad .

The tie rod turns with the nut no matter if I hold the rod with pliers and then turn the nut, it still wants to turn with the nut. I sprayed WD on the nut area and that didn’t make a difference.The passenger side tire is toe in and the drivers is toe out and it looks to be about 3/4 of an inch on the driver side I can’t tell on the passengers side.

Also the Camber on passengers side looks like it is bowed in on the bottom. Which would coincide with the impact having been at the bottom .

I haven’t found a Mechanic as of yet so I will do what I can with the hopes of not making matters worse..
Again thank you so much for replying and for your help.
Have a great weekend as well


You are welcome,

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